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I have the feeling the mixture would taste as biting, foamy and bitter as I can sometimes be!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When she says no child left behind...

this teacher really means it!
Gotta admit, the kid is kinda hot, he looks older...but since when don't you ask someone their age? Just strange business all around.

Do you think this teacher deserves her job back?

From WPIX-TV in NYC...

A tenured Queens school teacher fired for having a sexual relationship with a student, is suing the city to get her job back.
According to the New York Daily News, Gina Salamino, 37, a second grade teacher at Public School 121 claims Joshua Walter, then 17, was not a student when they sparked up their romance.

Salamino told the News she didn't know her young lover, who worked as a model for Hugo Boss, was enrolled in high school during their rendezvous.

According to documents filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Salamino calls the allegations "complete fiction" and ludicrious," stressing the Department of Education shouldn't penalize her since Walter didn't attend class during the 2006-07 school year because of his modeling career.
"They have no case," Salamino told the Daily News. "There is no improper relationship."

Walter, now 19, has appeared in a number of ad campaigns, including Hugo Boss and H&M.
It appears their fling is still going strong too, the couple reportedly lives together in Queens with their child.

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