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I love champagne...and I love chittlins. Never had the two together but someday, someday...I might just try it.
I have the feeling the mixture would taste as biting, foamy and bitter as I can sometimes be!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Television news is dying.

After seeing this report, I'm now sure my industry is on life support..and a priest is about to give it last rites.

"Hot pink, and in the shape of a bow".
I'm sure your parents are so proud.

And here comes the rant:

Whatever happened to the days of real investigative journalism, when time and care were taken to craft a compelling story which would actually inform the masses, possibly making a real concrete difference to their lives?!
Instead, viewers are served piles of hot steaming crap like this...and many are too far gone to know it can be BETTER, it should be BETTER, for God's sake, demand BETTER! I bet this sweeps idea came from some pompous news director who doesn't have a clue about some of the real issues happening in his community.

Rant over.


Michael A. Gonzales said...

just discovered you the name of the blog. keep up the good work.

L.A. said...

Thanks Michael, I appreciate that.