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Saturday, November 8, 2008

This guy gets the dumbass of the week award!

If ya haven't heard, the University of Texas Longhorns are missing a back up center. Why?
Because this fool Buck Burnette (yep, that's a good ol' Texas name by God!) was a sore loser in the President election. He decided, like any modern day idiot, to post some musings on his facebook page.

"all the hunters gather up, we have a #$%&er in the whitehouse".

Ah yes, the folly of youth.

Well, that racial rant got his butt kicked off the team. Ouch. Now you don't get to play with those *&#ers at all.

Although he did apologize before taking his facebook page down:

Here is Buck's apology:

"Clearly I have made a mistake and apologized for it and will pay for it. I received it as a text message from an acquaintance and immaturely put it up on facebook in the light of the election. Im not racist and apologize for offending you. I grew up on a ranch in a small town where that was a real thing and I need to grow up. I sincerely am sorry for being ignorant in thinking that it would be ok to write that publicly and apologize to you in particular. I have to be more mature than to put the reputation of my team at stake and to spread that kind of hate which I dont even believe in. Once again, I sincerely apologize."

Go Texas fight!

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