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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is sick...picketing Obama's grandmother's funeral?!

I always knew the Rev. Fred Phelps was a son of a bitch.

This is the loser who pickets the funerals of soldiers to spread his message that soldiers' deaths in Iraq are God's punishment against America for tolerating homosexuality.

Any man that would do this to family of a fallen soldier, or tell a deceased gay man's relatives they're now burning in hell, deserves to be castrated and his head put on a pole.

Now this man and his crazy-ass followers are going to picket at the funeral of Madelyn Dunham, President-Elect Barack Obama's grandmother.

Here's the flyer.

Bigots like this get my dander up. This is a damn disgrace and totally unacceptable to me. How dare this man try to contaminate the memory of saying goodbye to a loved one with his special brand of hatred and nastiness.

If someone dared picket one of my loved one's funerals, I could not be held responsible for my actions.

What, if anything can be done to stop these kind of protests? Or is it all about freedom of speech? What do you think?

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