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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My take on the shoe throwing incident...

I've thought long and hard before writing this particular post.

You've heard about the guy that threw his shoes at President Bush during a press conference.

Of course you have, the entire world has heard about him by now. In fact, some are hailing Muntathar al-Zaidi as a hero, he's become an instant celebrity to Iraqis and Bush haters across the globe.

As someone who's covered too many press conferences to count, many of them with GWB, I've wanted to scream and throw things at the heads of numerous politicians time and time again. But I didn't.

Because I'm a journalist. And in my opinion, journalists are far too important a part of our democratic process to allow themselves to squander a chance to provide the public with information.

My emotional outburst, whether it's a display of joy or digust, shouldn't be the news.

I understand why al-Zaidi was so angry. He's watched for six years as his country has been torn apart, thousands of young Iraqis are left without limbs, and in many cases, families. And then he's told by Bush to celebrate the "hope in the eyes" of the nation's young people? No wonder he snapped.

But what if he had asked Bush the questions he'd had in his mind and heart for all this time? Put his feet to the fire, so to speak? That's what we'd be talking about, not that Bush has great reflexes, and made a few shoe jokes.

A journalist's job is to educate, not pontificate. And I'll never scuff my heels on anyone's forehead.

Unless they ask me to.

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