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Monday, December 8, 2008

Chris Matthews advised to quite MSNBC...

So you've probably all heard Chris Matthews, one of my favorite talk show bulldogs,is seriously debating whether to run to become a Pennsylvania senator.

Matthews' advisors have told him if he truly intends to announce his candidacy, he'd better step down from his talk show post as soon as possible.

I don't mind watching Chris on Hardball,he's bombastic, abrasive (which I sometimes find amusing) and gets to the point. I don't think he's a wishy-washy kind of guy.
And the massive, self-stroking ego of talk show hosts, especially those making millions of dollars, isn't a very different animal from that of a politician. Both think themselves the center of the universe.
But I don't know if he can he really do much good with his butt languishing in a Senate seat.

Then again, this whole thing could be a ploy to jack up his contract, which expires in June.
I think if the network offers enough money, he'll keep his MSNBC seat for the time being.

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