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I love champagne...and I love chittlins. Never had the two together but someday, someday...I might just try it.
I have the feeling the mixture would taste as biting, foamy and bitter as I can sometimes be!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cry me a river...

So I wanted to make sure my nephew gets to play with toddlers his own age (although I am probably the best playmate he's ever had, lol!).
So I enrolled him in a local daycare near where I work.

It's a good place, I went and checked it out, asked the director hundreds of questions, researched the center's licencing on the 'net, and interviewed other parents who have their kids there.
The KOTW and I even went and visited so he'd be a little more familiar with the teacher and the other kids.

Today was his first day...I'd talked non-stop about how he's going to his "school" for days, and did the same thing this morning as we headed out, telling him how much fun he'd have, blah blah blah.

The moment we walked through the front door-- the screaming began.

Heart-wrenching wails of dismay issued from his little mouth like a siren. His sweet chubby face looked like a angry thundercloud.

But I managed to peel him off me, and got down with him and told him that I'd be back soon. And then I left him there.

I stood outside listening to him bang his little fists on the door and cry for me to come back -- and I teared up too.

I love this kid, but I'm scared I'm getting too attached...what happens when he has to go leave and home? My heart doesn't even want to consider that right now.

Just a few more hours until I pick him up...I hope he's having a good day.

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