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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Would you trust this man?

Sorry, I know he's a Baldwin...but he looks like a creepy child molester to me.
His brother Alex is an outspoken supporter of Barack Obama...and now Stephen is coming out to say he supports the McCain/Palin ticket.

Here's some of the highlights of his interview with TODAY, read it and weep (at his stupidity!):

By Sarika Dani
TODAY staff

Q: Why do you think McCain is the best choice for our next president?

A: I think that right now everybody's freakin' out, and for a good reason. The next president of the United States has to look at multiple issues simultaneously. In the prioritization of that, of course it's our economy. We need someone who is prepared and experienced enough to deal with all that's on our plate now.

Q: Is Barack Obama the wrong choice for our country?

A: No, Barack is not the wrong choice. I just don’t think he's the right choice. Barack Obama is clearly a smart guy, talented. I think that guys like Obama, like Clinton, have had their eyes on this goal for a long time … becoming President of the United States. I don't believe personally that Barack Obama cares for America as authentically as John McCain.

Q: Why?

A: He's a politician.

Q: How is McCain more for America than Obama?

A: He served it 24 years longer. He is somebody who has demonstrated within his own party that he would rather do what's right for the people who elected him than what is right for his party. People want change. How is Barack going to do it? I think McCain can bring change.

Q: The New York Daily News last week quoted you calling Barack Obama a "cultural terrorist." Can you explain your statement?

A: If you look up the definition of the words, a terrorist is someone who incites violence. The Bible says that "God knew us and formed us in our mother's wombs." Simply the fact that he's pro-abortion — that to me is a form of terrorism based on the dictionary definition.

Here's what's creepy about Obama: There's something else going on with this dude. That’s part of the mystery of Barack Obama. That is probably what will cause him to lose this election. As much as people love the phenomenal aspect of his message, there's a lot of unanswered issues about this dude. Creepy stuff. His birth certificate … you could call it all hokesy stuff.

John McCain doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of questions in his past as Barack Obama. Not even close. He's got Keating Five. He doesn't have things about his record and history and being that are in question. He's a war hero. He's literally one the last of a dying breed of heroes.

Q: Are celebrity endorsements effective?

A: Of course. If tomorrow there was an MTV two-hour hip-hop show in support of Barack Obama, with P. Diddy, Kanye …

Q: Why would it be hip-hop?

A: Why not?

Q: Why not rock or jam bands?

A: Well because demographically, hip-hop appeals largely or more so to African Americans, and it’s already obvious that the African American vote is hugely going to Barack Obama, even within the military.
Which is another whole bunch of votes that people haven’t weighed into the polling system: 75 to 80 percent of all the military is voting for John McCain. That's a lot of votes.

Q: Is Governor Sarah Palin ready to be president?

A: Absolutely. I think Sarah Palin is tougher and smarter than Obama or Joe Biden. Just because they jacked her up with freakin' what's her name? Who's the reporter? [Katie Couric.] That was a setup obviously.

Q: Can Palin keep keep our country safe?

A: Yes. She has an understanding of that reality. Barack Obama and the Democratic party just want America to think Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, that was the jihadists.

Q: What do you think the outcome of this election will be?

A: There's a very good chance that John McCain is going to win this election.

So Obama is a cultural terrorist becuase of his stance on abortion. Hmmm, freedom of choice anyone? Oh well, I better pack my bags and head for Guantanemo. I'll make sure and bring all my hiphop jams, 'cause of course that's all I listen to.

Being black and all.


And there's something CREEPY going on with Obama? Are you serious Stephen? The only thing creeping you out (IMO) is the amazing mind he possess...and the color of his skin.

And if Sarah "I can see Russia from my house" Palin is ready to be President, then I am now declaring myself Empress of the Universe.

Ugh. Stupidity can make even a nice looking guy so unattractive.

1 comment:

onefinemess said...

Wow. There's a special class of dumb going on there.

The MTV bit...priceless!

Let's check his logic for fun:

1. With this celebrity endorsement, we are trying to grab new voters
2. So we'll get a bunch of rap acts that appeal to black voters who
3. ...are already all voting for Obama (according to him) anyway......oops!

Logic fail.

I wonder if his fumbling explanation really had nothing to do with what caused him to give the original answer in the first place!

Never mind the Palin comment. There's nothing I can say there to make him look less informed than he already appears.