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Monday, October 20, 2008

And the conservatives continue to lose their damn minds...

While endorsing Obama, Powell used the word "transformational".
This word was not just used as a descriptor -- it was carefully chosen.Transformational is a military buzz word, signifying that major (ie good) change is on the horizon. (imagine that, I do know something about our armed forces!)This was meant to sooth those active and retired military members who may still be on the fence about voting for Obama, as well as those undecided and independent voters who respect his judgment and character.
In this regard, Powell is like the warm milk and cookies they need to keep from worrying at night about the sort of presidency this "unknown" may have in store fortheir country.

Of course, those Republicans (who happen to be white, golly gosh gee!) who just yesterday held Powell up to be a rock steady, card carrying valued member of the GOP are lining up to throw mud and lies, flailing about aimlessly as they watch their former hero endorse "that one", the man they call a socialist, a traitor, a muslim...but hey, we all know those silly nigras stick together, am I right? Forget the fact that Powell laid out his reasoning and thoughts in practical terms -- it's all about the color of his skin. Wow. If life were only that simple.

I am deathly sick of this election, the lies, the downlow dirty tactics, the absolute HATEMONGERING that is being tossed around like a freaking beachball. And I pity anyone who blindly follows their political leaders into the abyss, forgetting they have the power of thinking for themselves. Of course, if these conservative followers of McCain/Palin really do feel like this -- I wish I could have the opportunity to see their hated for me and my skin color face to face. So I could act accordingly.

And I'm not going to play the magical negro (look it up!) and forgive them for they know not what they do. When idiots like Rush Limbaugh (OxyContin anyone?) is telling his drooling hypnotized neo con listeners that Bill Ayes, ACORN, and Obama have been training blacks kids for decades to hate America, and the sacred white privelege is about to become a thing of the past, I'm putting away the pixie dust and getting ready to defend myself and the people I love from some racist crazed goon who may decide our lives aren't worth squat.

So when someone of the caucasion persuasion tells me what I think or what I feel when it comes to race...sorry, does not compute. By the way, I don't really worry what other African Americans think of Powell -- whether he's a house n***er, a coon, jigaboo, Uncle Tom, or any of the other names meant to put down successful blacks (or those who don't act "black enough"). I've been called some of the names on this list, and others. S**t happens. And I'd never use those words to describe another black person who's working like crazy to make it or in love with someone who isn't a dusky shade of brown. It's stupid and rude. And I'm a lady, lol!

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