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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What do you think of our potential first ladies?

I'm off work today - boy does it feel good! What did I get done? Absolutely NOTHING. I decided to sleep all day. I usually work from 3:30 am to 1pm, so my body was screaming "Thank you Jesus!" for the extra rest.

Anyway, just got around to checking my work e-mail...and this came in from an outfit called Soledad O'Brian of CNN is on their advisory board, it's a website for women. They wanted to know what women thought about the potential first ladies, Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain.
Here are some of the highlights:

Overall, women like and admire both potential first ladies.

When asked if they like Michelle Obama, 80 percent said yes; 74 percent said they admire her.
63 percent said that Michelle Obama inspires them to achieve greater heights in their own lives.
“I admire having a woman who is educated and delayed having children until later in life,” stated one respondent. “Her decisions are more like my own and exhibit the values I am trying to teach my daughter. I think she is a realist and thinks things through.”

When it comes to Cindy McCain, 63 percent say they like her, and 60 percent say they admire her.
55 percent say McCain inspires them to reach greater heights in their own lives.
“This is a woman that dedicates thousands of hours to work helping the economically and socially disadvantaged people around the world, especially children,” stated a McCain proponent. “In spite of her financial wealth, she chooses to dedicate her time and life to others.”


When it comes to personal style, Michelle Obama edged out Cindy McCain.

Of those responding to the Obama survey, 72 percent said they like Michelle Obama’s style better.
64 percent of those who responded to the poll on Cindy McCain said they like McCain’s style better.

Role Models

84 percent feel Michelle Obama is a good role model for young girls.
61 percent feel Cindy McCain is a good role model for young girls.


Women reported mixed feelings on who would and should have the most impact in the role of first lady.

When it comes to attributes of the potential first ladies, 83 percent said Michelle Obama’s impressive career and educational accomplishments are important attributes for a first lady.
95 percent believe that Cindy McCain’s extensive charity work around the world is an important attribute for a First Lady.

80 percent feel that Michelle Obama would improve our nation’s image as first lady, while 20 percent said she would detract from it.
52 percent said Cindy McCain as first lady would improve our nation’s image; 25 percent she would have no impact on it; and 24 percent said she would detract from our nation’s image.

Rumors and Speculation

Only 20 percent of respondents feel Michelle Obama is anti-American based on comments she’s made, but 46 percent said if in fact the Obamas turned out to be Muslim - suggesting that Barack Obama may not have been truthful – that would negatively affect their opinion of them. (hello, McFly, how many times do we have to say it??? HE'S NOT MUSLIM!!!)
“I would not mind if they are Muslim, I am more concerned that they are liars,” said one respondent. “Who wants a liar ruling our country? I would rather have a racist who is honest, than a gentleman who lies - at least I would know where I stand.”

61 percent of respondents said the do NOT feel the fact that the McCains own 13 cars and multiple cars makes them out of touch with most Americans: 39 percent believe it does make them out of touch.
“I think the cars/homes issue is pretty irrelevant,” states another respondent. “When she took over the distributorship from her father, it was small. She is the one who has built a management team and grown the business. She's quite a good role model for young women in business.”

Respondents were split when it came to the circumstances surrounding the McCains courtship. 51 percent said the fact Cindy met and dated John McCain while he was still married makes them respect her less. 49 percent said it does diminish some of their respect for her.

Influence on the Vote

Like them or not, women say their opinions of the potential first ladies won’t impact their vote. 71 percent of women in both surveys said their opinions of the first ladies will NOT affect their votes for the candidates.

And there you go!
Personally, I would love to see Michell in the White style, grace and intellect would help redeem America in the eyes of many countries across the world.
I have nothing against Cindy ---except she's married to a man who in my opinion doesn't respect women, plus he and his party don't give a damn about ME (you know, the black un-American living in a large urban city). Sorry Cindy.

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